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Since 2005, Sommer Spector Angstman has represented thousands of clients in criminal cases (from DUI’s to homicides), sealing records, restraining orders, de-registration petitions, divorces and child custody cases, small business owners and plaintiff suits, to include claims based on civil RICO and fraud. During her law career she has tried over 52 cases to jury trial and spent thousands of hours in the courtroom. Sommer has mastered the art of courtroom presentation, and research and motion writing to the benefit of her clients.

In 2009 in Colorado Springs, Sommer successfully appealed an unwarranted contempt of court charge levied against her after she would not acquiesce to a judge not allowing her to bring in allowable testimony that was crucial to her case. She was granted a new trial and ultimately was able to provide justice for her client. Sommer’s level of commitment to her clients and excellence in her practice is atypical in the legal industry. You can read about the case here.

Sommer serves her clients with a client-centered approach. This means that she will take the time to listen to you and to find out the central issues that are important to you, your case or business. She will gather background information about you, explain each step of the courtroom or business process in plain language, not legalese and respond to your inquires as quickly as possible. She will continue to keep you appraised of what is going on in your case and will direct the case the way you want it to go.

Sommer has appeared before the Colorado Legislature Juvenile Defense Attorney Interim Sub Committee (see page 6), and she has appeared in newspapers in notable cases as both a public and private attorney, including:

Jury acquits ex-Burger King worker
Frisco motel homicide charges against Charles Lee Sattler headed for trial
Judge denies motion to dismiss Frisco murder case under “Make My Day” law
Homeland Security: 500 ‘notable’ files found on Frisco man’s computer in child porn case
Frisco man accused in child pornography case claims email was hacked

Sommer has also sat on numerous non-profit boards and worked in the non-profit sector prior to law. She also is the owner of Structure Legal Consulting, a consulting firm that aides attorneys in managing their practices effectively and efficiently, and as a small business owner and has a passion for helping small businesses grow.

In her spare time, Sommer enjoys spending time outdoors camping, boating, and adventuring with her family.

Top Case Types

Business Deals & Transactions: 60%

Business Disputes/Business Litigation: 15%

Probate: 10%

Divorce: 5%

Criminal Defense: Misdemeanors: 5%

Commercial Real Estate: 5%

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5 Years

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Partner, Lucere Legal

November 2017 - Pursuing

Crimnal Defense Lawyer , Public Defenders - CO and Private Practice

August 2005 - December 2014


University of Wisconsin Law School


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