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Why do I practice Family Law
As a Child Custody Attorney, I strive to do my part in protecting my client and their children from parental alienation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. I am passionate about helping people who are trying to protect their children.
Helping create new families through adoptions gets me energized each day. I believe each child deserves to live in the secure and loving embrace of a family. In my opinion, Adoptions are one of the most satisfying legal practices an attorney can have because you are literally helping to create families instead of destroying them. I want to be remembered as someone who helped create families not destroy them.
I am a team player and that makes me very successful in my adoption cases, because adoptions occur with many people playing different parts to make it successful.
I am more than an attorney. I am a mother of three children. I understand the stress and anxiety that can accompany a parent who seeks to protect his or her child. I have endured my personal process of modifying a child custody order and know first-hand that it can be one of the hardest legal suits that exist.
Having had my own protective order and being a survivor of domestic violence, I am very familiar with the different options available to secure a protective order and how to defend against false allegations of domestic violence.
Although I am happily married to a captain in the fire department; I have gone through the process of divorce and know when to negotiate and when to go to trial. I know every divorce is different.

Top Case Types

Adoption & Guardianship: 75%

Divorce: 25%

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Spanish, English





Texas Tech University School of Law


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