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Courtney graduated from the University of North Texas in 2009 with a B.S. in English Literature and a minor in Business. She went on to pursue her J.D. at the Texas Tech University School of Law, where she graduated with her Juris Doctorate in 2012.
After law school, Courtney worked as an Independent Landman in west Texas doing full title research. Her work consisted of in-depth document review and research to assess the current ownership interests in land to guide oil companies in their leasing efforts. She also spent time negotiating oil and gas leases on behalf of those oil companies.
From West Texas, Courtney moved to the Greater Austin Area in 2017 to practice family law. She helped a wide variety of families as they navigated dynamic family situations, and went on to open her own firm in 2018.
Courtney’s primary passion in family law is helping families work through difficult situations in a manner that allows the parties to move forward in peace. Courtney’s family law practice centers around uncontested divorces and agreements regarding children and a-la-carte or limited scope services. While some divorces are knock-down, drag-out battles, not every divorce has to be. Courtney’s primary focus is helping couples and families work through the legal hoops of divorce and child custody agreements while maintaining the cooperative spirit that minimizes the emotional and financial trauma. Courtney’s goal is to maximize the stability of the client, the children, and the family unit moving forward.
In furtherance of Courtney’s belief in the power of a family, however it is shaped or structured, she takes court-appointed CPS cases. In this role, she is assigned by a judge to represent children or parents and assists their transition and movement through the CPS system and case structure. This involves cooperative effort on the part of attorneys, caseworkers, CASA volunteers, and parents. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing families work hard, re-unite, and move forward to create a safe, loving environment for the children involved.
Since Courtney was 14 years old, she has dedicated her leisure time to volunteering with organizations that provide physical and cognitive therapy to people with disabilities through horsemanship. She has participated in these volunteer efforts from helping with day-to-day classes and horse care to assisting competitors in the Special Olympics. She also spends time working with young adults in alternative schools and at-risk programs as a mentor and as a self-defense instructor.

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