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Hi, I'm attorney Robin Swanson. I have represented clients since 2007. However, early on in my career, I began to recommend that divorcing couples NOT take their legal issues to court. Sure, as an attorney, I can usually make more money advising my client to go fight it out in court. However, going to court is not always the answer.

People who hire attorneys to represent them often feel the court will decide in their favor. In Washington State, a family court judge has the final say over your divorce, not you or the attorney you hire. In fact, your attorney cannot guarantee you any outcomes in court! Instead, a judge will likely apply common court practices and rulings to all cases, including yours. Your case is just one of the tens of thousands of other cases being filed each year. The court system does not specialize in issuing customized and well thought out orders to benefit couples. Furthermore, a highly litigated divorce case can run upwards of $50,000. This is money that could be spent on more productive means, such as your children’s college fund, your retirement, or future living expenses. In the end, the stress of the going to court unnecessarily pits spouses against each other by exposing private matters that are not satisfactorily resolved, resulting in a lack of dignity and results.
If you are seeking to have more control over the outcome of your divorce and save time and money, hiring a mediation attorney to work out agreements between you and your spouse is a method known as mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a well-known way for couples to settle family law disputes without the financial and energetic drain of the courtroom. As an attorney-mediator, I do not take sides; rather, I work with both parties as a neutral educator and facilitator, informing you about common court practices and rulings and helping you to determine the wisest and fairest means of settling every aspect of your divorce and/or child custody disputes.

As a mediator, I guide couples as they make their own decisions. Mediation provides a neutral space for both parties to consider the facts and resolve disputes to both parties’ satisfaction. It is my goal to keep both parties calm and rational so they can come to an agreement based on facts and reason, rather than emotion.

Mediators can be used to settle every aspect of a divorce, from child visitation and custody to spousal support, retirement distribution, real and personal property division and so on.

Why Choose Mediation?

Besides being a superior choice over going to court and rolling the dice, your mediation is a streamlined process from beginning to end. A complete mediation usually requires only five meetings to resolve all divorce issues. My flat fee rate is usually $4,000 from beginning to end. I do not charge for additional meetings if your case requires it and I can break up the fee to make it more afforadable. I’m confident if I accept your mediation case, I only need 5 meetings. If you were to choose to go to court instead of mediation, a typical attorney could cost upwards of a $5,000 retainer or more, and that’s just to get the paperwork rolling. Additionally, if you were to go to court, this fee would not include the cost of your spouse’s seperate attorney. As you now know, a court hearing is one of many hearings and you may have to live with a judge’s order that does not benefit you or your spouse. On the other hand, Mediation allows for one attorney to work efficiently with both spouses to minimize the time required to come to a resolution you are both satisfied with.

Working with me instead of going to court:

Together, we can come up with creative solutions to virtually every problem and roadblock that appears along the way. I always remain objective and will treat both parties with the utmost respect. Issues that can be resolved using family law mediation include:

1. Child Custody and Visitation
2. Developing Parenting Plans
3. Child Support
4. Spousal Support
5. Pension and Retirement Account Division
6. Identification of Separate Property and Debts
7. Division of Community Property Assets
8. Division of Community Property Debts

The goal of any mediation process is to ensure that both parties are able to air their concerns and thoughts in a supportive and neutral environment so they feel heard and considered. Then, we work to resolve the issues in a manner that promotes integrity, well-being, and trust between all parties. Mediation is often the best means of facilitating an amicable divorce and to promote everyone’s best interest – especially the children’s. In many cases, mediation sessions facilitate communication that is not possible without the objective and third-party presence that a legal mediator provides.

To begin, the three of us will:

1. Determine your mediation compatibility
2. Discuss your mutual goals and concerns.
3. Review the documents and pleadings that must be filed with the courts.
4. Share information with full disclosure between both parties.
5. Negotiate the terms of your divorce agreement, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support payments and other settlement items.
6. Review and draft your finalized settlement agreement.

Furthermore, mediation can be done from the privacy of your home without meeting with your spouse in-person. Oftentimes, a digital meeting room is more productive and preferred. I take cases from every county in Washigton. Of course, your consultation is free!

Robin Swanson
Family Law Mediation Attorney

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