Legal Meet-Up Profile: Diane Bradshaw


Next Friday, LawChamps is hosting a Free Legal Meet-Up titled “50 Easy Way to Avoid Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rent and Eviction Problems."


Given the overwhelming success of our last Meet-Up, LawChamps has brought together a wide-variety of attorneys to answer your questions regarding landlord and tenant law. The event is scheduled for June 26, 2020 at 1PM PT / 4PM ET via Zoom.


Please visit this link to sign up and submit questions.


In advance of the Meet-Up, we want you to meet the lawyers who will be answering your questions.


Diane Bradshaw is a top legal expert in litigation and transactional matters throughout New York, New Jersey, and other jurisdictions.


Her philosophy on legal matters, especially when it comes to real estate? “The best solution is usually to settle and find a common ground."


She urges landlords and tenants to seek a mutually beneficial solution out of court: “The solution that parties come up with between themselves is more likely to be satisfactory to them than something handed down from a judge.”


In light of the current crisis, Bradshaw has been taking more cases pro bono, even continuing current cases free of charge for clients in need. Diane is thankful that she is able to prioritize her social conscience “to serve the ends of social justice and help people in need.” 


Diane’s creativity, discipline, and dedication permeate her life outside of work. Diane is an avid Yogi. She was a working actress for 30 years before becoming a lawyer. She continues to develop independent films.


“It is quite exemplary what LawChamps is trying to do,” she says. She is thrilled to have found LawChamps, an organization that exemplifies the same mission as her own.


This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.


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