What LawChamps Gives Lawyers That They Can’t Get Elsewhere

What LawChamps Gives Lawyers That They Can’t Get Elsewhere


LawChamps, a front-end business development solution for attorneys, isn’t the only legal tech company out there that assists lawyers in raising their online profiles and growing their businesses. 


Like others, we bring our attorney members a steady supply of potential clients well-matched to their practices and expertise. 


But this is what makes us stand out - we provide far more products, features, and services when compared to our competitors, who usually focus solely on lead generation.


That said, our lead generation is superior to others. 


Our web site is optimized to make a good match between potential clients - mostly individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small business owners - and the attorneys who can help them protect what matters most. Tens of thousands of unique visitors come to our web site monthly. These people are visiting our site because they need legal help.


On every page they visit, they’re prompted to reach out to us and summarize their legal problems. 


After they do so, we match them up to attorneys like you – lawyers who our algorithm tells us are a good fit based on availability, location, and expertise. We provide you, the lawyer, with the potential client’s intake form and contact information.


We don’t force you into any long-term contracts. 


We’ll bring you potential clients, but we won’t make you sign your life away for that benefit.  Our services start at an accessible price-point, with no long-term commitments or contract minimums. 


We also offer stellar, in-person customer support because your success is our success. 


You can sign up with us, try us out, and cancel at any time. But we’re convinced you will stay with us -- because we offer more support, more service, more products and features, for less.


And here’s the other great stuff we offer. 


We do much more than simply bring you potential clients. We aim to be your one-stop solution for front-end business development: 

  • Brand awareness
  • Help with building a positive online identity
  • Business development, and more. 


For example, we are in the process of  launching SEO-optimized attorney profiles on our site. Additionally, our attorneys can write for our blog, which receives thousands of unique visitors per month, and cross-link to those articles to promote traffic to their own websites and LinkedIn profiles.


And coming soon...a web site builder

This year, we will be revealing a website builder. Did you know that only half of solo and small firm attorneys have websites, despite the fact that the single biggest way potential clients find you is through online searching? 


You have to get in the game to win! We will build you an SEO-optimized website so that your potential clients can find you, and then we will host it for you at a bargain price as part of your LawChamps membership.


Right now you can take advantage of our introductory membership offer. Our starter package is just $79 per month and includes:


  • Up to 3 client matches per month (our other packages cost more, and you’ll be matched with additional potential clients);
  • An opportunity to write for our blog, on which your name and any web links will be highlighted;
  • Cross promotion on our social media feeds;
  • Optimized intake forms to ensure we send you well-matched potential clients;
  • Emails  and text alerts whenever you have a potential client match;
  • An analytics dashboard to help you track your business development activity;
  • Ratings and reviews from past clients to help build trust in you and your firm;
  • Opt-in attorney profiles that are fully customizable by you; and


And if you don’t like what we do, no worries. There’s no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.


The Bottom Line? Our competitors offer far less for more money.

Check us out today.

This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.
Review & Rating Images LawChamps
LawChamps Reviews

"Before, I spent thousands of dollars on lawyer referral services, but [LawChamps] is more affordable."

Beilal Chatila California


Review & Rating Images LawChamps
LawChamps Reviews

"It gives me the opportunity to help clients who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to [find] an attorney."

Mia Perez Arroyo, California


Review & Rating Images LawChamps
LawChamps Reviews

"It allows me to expand my practice and allows me to instantly connect with my clients. It's a great system."

Anthony Murphy, Florida


Review & Rating Images LawChamps
LawChamps Reviews

"User friendly for both me and my clients... They have helped me find clients on a consistent basis."

Chelsi R Hall, Texas


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