Lawyers: Here are Four Ways to Market Your Services to Small Businesses

Lawyers: Here are Four Ways to Market Your Services to Small Businesses

Monzerrath Ortiz

Too often, lawyers expect people to find them when they need legal help. But if you really want to build your business, you should build a network of clients before they actually require your assistance with a specific issue. 


Creating an efficient marketing strategy is highly important to establishing meaningful connections to entrepreneurs.


An effective strategy should demonstrate your legal expertise, reliability, trustworthiness, and what sets you apart from competitors in order to appeal to small businesses. 


Here are five things you should consider including in that strategy:


1. Social Media


Social media has rapidly become an indispensable tool for small businesses to expand their reach and boost engagement. 

According to the SCORE Association, 77% of small businesses in the U.S. utilize social media to amplify their business and connect with customers/clients.


Although there is no foolproof formula for social media success, your social media strategy should focus on creatively marketing your services. You can talk about the things you do, post success stories or simply share articles that may be of interest to potential clients.

Don't be too formal. That only feeds the stereotype that lawyers are unapproachable.

If you want to connect with entrepreneurs, post content related to small businesses. This may consist of a wide array of topics such as banking, insurance, contracts, human resources, and patents. 


Another way to use social media to attract small business clients is by interacting with their accounts (i.e. following their pages, and liking/commenting/sharing their posts).


Additionally, you can expand this outreach by interacting with small business associations and consulting groups’ social media accounts. 


2. Blogging 


Blogging on a consistent basis is another way to showcase your legal services and expertise, and enhance your search engine optimization; but remember, quality over quantity. 


According to SEO Tribunal, 57% of marketers say they have gained customers specifically through their blogs. The more you blog, the higher your web site will appear on Google search results.


Writing blog articles is a great way to attract your target audience. When it comes to reaching small business owners and potential clients, blogs should cover relevant topics such as:

  • Pressing small business issues (e.g. applying for loans) 
  • Must-know information (e.g. filing for a patent) 
  • Answering frequently asked questions (e.g. FAQs about contracts) 
  • General advice (e.g. modifying a business plan)

Blogging for us can help your web site too. We'll link to your web site.

Your blog should reflect your voice and perspective as a legal professional - without legal jargon that would not be understood by the general public.


Writing legal insight blogs can prove you are qualified to assist business owners with their everyday concerns; it also shows you care about helping others and making your knowledge accessible. 


Even if your audience is not actively seeking to hire an attorney, your blog can act as a gateway to requesting your legal services in the future. 


3. Free Initial Consultations


The cost of hiring an attorney often discourages people from seeking legal help, which can risk worsening their legal problems and or create new ones.


Many law firms offer free thirty-minute initial consultations as an incentive for potential clients that want affordable legal services.


Offering a free consultation can increase appeal to small business owners that are searching for an attorney and want to test the waters. 


4. Unbundled Legal Services


Another way to attract small business clients is by offering unbundled legal services, also known as limited scope representation. 


This is a form of legal services in which the role of the attorney is pre-negotiated, and clients receive help with specified issues, typically at an affordable flat rate.


At almost any point in the trajectory of a small business, they will likely need an attorney- ideally, this would mean they are in active communication with a lawyer before they are facing an actual legal dispute.


From registering a business to applying for loans and modifying contracts, an attorney is necessary nearly every step of the way. 


This makes unbundled legal services the optimal way to go about fostering a relationship with entrepreneurs, and promoting your services as consistent, affordable, and advantageous to small businesses.


Attorneys can do this by signing up for LawChamps-- through our services, you can easily connect with new clients and expand your practice. 


Learn more about what LawChamps can offer attorneys by clicking here


This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.

Monzerrath Ortiz
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