List of Eviction Moratorium Expiration Dates By State and City - Updated 7/22/20

Trang Nguyen

The CARES Act, passed by Congress on March 27th, included language that prevented landlords from evicting tenants in any housing that receives government subsidies or federally backed loans until July 25. 
Note the key words here: government subsidies or federally backed loans.
According to the National Housing Law Project, over 70% of all US mortgages are federally backed or owned. 
Because the CARES Act didn't protect the other 30% of rental units, many states and cities enacted their own eviction moratoriums. Some of these bans have already ended. Other states never enacted any additional protections. 

July 25 is just around the corner. So many states, or cities in them, are extending or enacting their own moratoriums to prevent an avalanche of evictions. 

This list includes key dates related to eviction moratoriums in each state and their most populous cities. We will update it regularly.

Having a lawyer represent you in eviction proceedings can mean the difference between moving and staying in your home (not to mention avoiding major damage to your credit score). One study found that in housing courts across the country, 90 % of landlords have a lawyer represent them in court. 90%  of tenants, however, do not. As a result, tenants usually lose. When tenants represent themselves in New York City, they are evicted in nearly 50 percent of cases. With a lawyer, they win 90 percent of the time.

State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/1/2020.

No separate city ordinances.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/30/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Anchorage: None.
  • Juneau: None.
  • Fairbanks: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/22/2020. It was extended to 10/31/2020 for tenants who cant pay rent due to coronavirus-related issues.
City moratoriums: 
  • Phoenix: None.
  • Tuscan: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/25/2020. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Little Rock: None.
  • Fort Smith: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 9/30/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Alameda County: County-wide eviction moratorium extended to end on 9/30/2020
  • Los Angeles: City-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/31/2020.
  • San Francisco: City-wide eviction moratorium ends the later of 1/31/2021 provided that evictions are related to an inability to pay rent due to COVID-19
  • San Jose: City-wide eviction moratorium ends 8/31/2020.
  • San Diego: City-wide eviction moratorium ends 9/30/2020. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/13/2020. After the date, the senator encourages tenants to work with the landlord on a repayment plan if they can’t make payment. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Denver: The moratorium on eviction has no set expiration date at the moment.
  • Boulder: None.
  • Vail: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 8/25/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • New Haven: None.
  • Hartford: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium remains until the state if emergency expires or the executive order is rescinded.
City moratoriums: 
  • Wilmington: None.
  • Dover: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 8/1/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Miami: None.
  • Fort Lauderdale: None. 
The state has not issued an eviction moratorium.
City moratoriums: 
  • Atlanta: Moratorium on eviction ends 8/31/2020
State-wide eviction moratorium expanded until 7/31/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Honolulu: None.
  • Pearl City: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/1/2020 and remote hearings on landlord-tenant cases are being held.
City moratoriums: 
  • Boise: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 8/22/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Chicago: None.
  • Rockford: None.
  • Aurora: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium extended to 7/31/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Indianapolis: None.
  • Fort Wayne: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended but the CARES Act still applies for government subsidized housing. Evictions are prohibited for renters protected under the CARES Act until 7/25/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Des Moines: None.
  • Iowa City: None.
  • Dabque: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on  6/1/2020
City moratoriums: 
  • Kansas City: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends until expiration of the State of Emergency or 7/25/2020, whichever is a later time.
City moratoriums: 
  • Louisville: None.
  • Lexington: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/24/20.
City moratoriums: 
  • New Orleans: None.
  • Baton Rouge: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 30 days after the end of the State of Emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic.
City moratoriums: 
  • Bangor: None.
  • Portland: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/25/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Baltimore: None.
  • Columbia: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium extended to end on 10/17/2020.

City moratoriums: 
  • Boston: 12/31/20.
  • Worcester: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/16/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Detroit: City-wide eviction moratorium extended to end 8/15/2020.
  • Grand Rapids: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 7/12/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Minneapolis: None.
  • St. Paul: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium extended to 7/20/2020
City moratoriums: 
  • Jackson: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/15/2020
City/county moratoriums: 
  • Jackson County: None.
  • St. Louis: None.
  • East Saint Louis: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/24/2020. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Billings: None.
  • Missoula: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/31/2020
City moratoriums: 
  • Omaha: None.
  • Lincoln: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 8/31/2020
City moratoriums: 
  • Las Vegas: None.
  • Reno: None.
New Hampshire
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 7/1/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Manchester: None.
  • Concord: None. 
New Jersey
State-wide eviction moratorium ends until two months after Governor Murphy declares end of the COVID-19 state of emergency  or if NJ Governor issues an order that ends the moratorium sooner.
City moratoriums: 
  • Newark: None.
  • Jersey City: None.
  • Paterson: None. 
New Mexico
The New Mexico Supreme Court has paused evictions until COVID-19 emergency is over only for tenants who can prove that they are unable to pay for rent and must still attend their hearing. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Albuquerque: None.
New York
State-wide eviction moratorium ends  8/20/2020. 
City moratoriums: 
  • NYC: None.
  • Albany: None.
  • Buffalo: None.
North Carolina
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/20/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Raleigh: None.
  • Charlotte: None.
  • Greenboro: None. 
North Dakota
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 4/21/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Bismarck: None.
  • Fargo: None. 
Ohio does not have a moratorium. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Columbus: None. 
  • Cleveland: None
  • Cincinnati: None
The state has not issued an eviction moratorium.
City moratoriums: 
  • Oklahoma City: None.
  • Tulsa: None.
  • Norman: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ends 9/30/2020
City moratoriums: 
  • Portland: None.
  • Salem: None. 
State-wide eviction moratorium extended to 8/31/2020.
City moratoriums: 
Rhode Island
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/1/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Providence: None.
  • Warwick: None. 
South Carolina
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/15/2020. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Columbia: None.
  • Charleston: None.
South Dakota
The state has not issued an eviction moratorium.
City moratoriums: 
  • Sioux Falls: None.
  • Rapid City: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 6/1/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Nashville: None.
  • Memphis: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/19/2020. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Houston: None.
  • San Antonio: None.
  • Dallas: None.
  • El Paso: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on  5/14/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Salt Lake City: None.
  • West Valley City: None.
The state-wide moratorium ends until the COVID-19 emergency is over.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on  6/28/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Richmond: None.
  • Arlignton: None.
  • Alexandria: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 8/1/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Seattle: City-wide eviction moratorium ends on 8/1/2020.
  • Tacoma: None.
West Virginia
State-wide eviction moratorium ended on 5/15/2020.
City moratoriums: 
  • Charleston: None.
  • Huntington: None.
State-wide eviction moratorium ended  60 days after Emergency Order was issued on 3/ 27/2020 by Governor Tony Evers.
City moratoriums: 
  • Milwaukee: None.
The state has not issued an eviction moratorium. 
City moratoriums: 
  • Cheyenne: None.

This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.

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