20 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need a Lawyer

Drew Koven
There are over 30 million entrepreneurs with startups, early stage and small businesses in the United States. They may not realize it, but  have significant legal needs that lawyers can help with. 

If you own a new business and try to DIY your legal needs, your business may DIE. 

And how do know this? Because we’re entrepreneurs too. We started with only a few lawyers on our web site. Now we have 10,000 attorneys on our platform.  We get it. 

Whether it's the legal complexities of starting, incorporating and running a business to the specific needs for reviewing a contract, hiring and firing employees, protecting intellectual property or a trademark, being sued by a customer, resolving business disputes or more, having a good lawyer can make a big difference. 

They can be invaluable, trusted teammates for founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners. A lawyer should be on speed dial, saved under your favorites. 

Even with all of the online resources out there, free can be costly. If you try to save money by customizing a form, just one mistake could cost you a fortune. This is a big part of why we’re building this business together. 

Here are just 20 areas where a Court Buddy lawyer can help you and your business:

1. Incorporating your business including form and state of incorporation for your entity or company
2. Shareholder, partnership and employment agreements
3. Fundraising documents, operating agreements and investor agreements
4. Confidential Legal advice 
5. Selling the company
6. Employment agreements 
7. Protecting Intellectual Property
8. Filing Copyrights and Trademarks
9. Business disputes 
10. Vendor agreements 
11. NDAs - Non Disclosure Agreements 
12. Confidentiality Agreements 
13. Work for Hire Agreements 
14. Privacy Policies 
15. Governmental Regulations and Regulatory Compliance 
16. Employment practices including hiring, firing, state and federal regulatory compliance 
17. Bankruptcy and Entity Dissolutions
18. Contest and promotions rules and regulations 
19. Customer agreements
20. Master Services Agreements (MSAs)

Bottom line:

Lawyers can help you get better results in all types of business situations. 

You can even pay over time – interest-free – with our payment plans.

Be proactive and reach out to us to find a lawyer. 

Plan now and relax later by being prepared.

This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.

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