Scared to Talk to a Lawyer? Don’t Be.

Scared to Talk to a Lawyer? Don’t Be.

Patty Lamberti
Breaking news: every human will need a lawyer at some point in their lives.

That's why there are so many lawyers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1.3 million practicing lawyers in the United States. The government also predicts that the job outlook for lawyers is better than other professions. 

A lot may never be the same about our world after COVID-19. But one thing that will never go away? Legal distputes.

Still, many people hesitate when it comes to finding, calling and talking to a lawyer. 

Part of the hesitation is financial.

People assume that talking to a lawyer, much less using one, will cost a lot money. But here, that's not true. Our lawyers provide consultation and a legal service (meaning anything from negotiating with another party, drafting a letter, filing paperwork, reviewing paperwork, etc.) for as little as $249 with interest free payment plans available. 

But the reasons people hem and haw about calling an attorney run deeper than pocketbooks. The reasons are deeply rooted in our psychology:

Talking on the phone to a stranger about serious issues is uncomfortable.  

In a COVID-19 world, many people are talking over the old-fashioned phone rather than face-to-face.  Alison Papadakis, a clinical psychology professor at Johns Hopkins University who studies stress, told The Cut that people usually assume another person is thinking the worst of them when they can't see the other person's facial expressions.   “On the phone, all we have is the voice, so that can be a bit nerve-racking for people."

If you have phone-phobia, remember that here, many of our lawyers will video conference, or use our secure messaging system. 

You fear the lawyer is judging you harshly. 

Lawyers, like doctors and religious officials, have heard it all. So don't talk yourself into believing that your lawyer will scold you, or roll their eyes, about something you've done in the past. 

And don't fool yourself into believing lawyers will run home and tell their families about your situation. According to Cornell Law School, attorney-client privalege, which means that a lawyer must keep everything a client says confidential, extends to even prospective clients. 

If a lawyer ever breaks your trust, you can sue that lawyer for damages. 

Our lawyers  are all experienced. When we interview them, we make sure they have the highest standards and ethics. 

Talking to a lawyer about a legal issue makes it very real

There's an old saying that goes, "The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one." 

If we don't ever talk about our problems, we can live another day pretending we don't have any.

But eventually, reality will catch up with us.

We can't avoid death, even if we keep putting off talking to a lawyer about estate planning.

How long will you stay in an unhappy marriage  just because calling a lawyer to discuss options seemed too overwhelming?

Will you finally admit that your landlord is serious about evicting you only when a sheriff removes you from the property? 

Reaching out to a lawyer before a situation becomes a crisis will actually be less stressful in the long run. 

We asked our Chief Legal Officer, Jennifer McGlone, to explain more about why people are scared to reach out to lawyers.


Q: Why do you think people are afraid to talk to lawyers when they have a legal issue?


A: A lot of people don’t always understand that their issue is the type of issue that they need a lawyer’s help for. Even if they do understand that their issue has a legal component, they might not always understand what exactly an attorney can do to help them. 


They also might be afraid of sending money into a “black box” - they don’t fully understand how paying an attorney works and what the attorney’s actually going to do.


On top of that, the legal process itself can be intimidating, which doesn’t help. 


In actuality, attorneys are your best ally. You hire them to take care of an intimidating process for you. 


One thing we’ve seen that helps people in understanding how an attorney helps you is by offering defined services for defined prices, so you know upfront what you’re paying for. This makes legal services much more accessible, and this is what we do here at Court Buddy


Q: What would you say to someone who is nervous about reaching out to an attorney?


A: Attorneys are professionals. They are also people like everyone else, in that there are more and less talented attorneys. 


It’s very important to find an attorney that you feel comfortable working with and that you have a good rapport with. 


It’s always a good idea to take a consultation with an attorney first to get a sense of whether or not this is someone you feel comfortable with. 


Here, we vet our attorneys very carefully. We go above and beyond to make sure that our attorneys are going to work hard to help our clients, and that they have experience and expertise. 


We also vet our attorneys’ professional qualifications to make sure they’re not only licensed and in good standing, but that they also have no record of disciplinary history or client complaints on file with their state bar. 


Q: What would you say to someone who is considering talking to a lawyer about their legal issue, but is unsure about whether or not they need to?


A: If you think you might need a lawyer, odds are that you do need a lawyer. 


If you’re contemplating talking to a lawyer because you have a question, there’s no harm in asking for a consultation and getting some advice. 


At a consultation, an attorney can give you the benefit of their expertise and experiences and can tell you what they can do to help, or refer you to resources that can help. 


If you want to discuss your legal issue with an attorney, we're here to help you. We match you with one of our top attorneys nationwide for a flat fee -- no retainers, hourly rates, or surprises. We also have payment plans available to make the process as convenient as possible.


Contact us to get started today. 

- interview by
Monique Bolsajian



This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.


Patty Lamberti

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