The Courthouse in Torrance Has Re-Opened. Here's a Guide.

Monique Bolsajian
The Torrance Courthouse, one of the courthouses in the Los Angeles Superior Court, is where you can:
  • Appear in and file cases with civil court, including Civil Harassment and Elder Abuse Restraining Orders,
  • Appear in and file cases with family court, including Domestic Violence Restraining Orders,
  • Attend court in response to criminal offenses,
  • Contest traffic infractions. (For COVID-19 updates with regard to the traffic division across all Los Angeles Superior Courts, click here.)

For more information on when to show up, the status of your case, and hearings you have on calendar, call the below number that applies to your case. Be sure to have your case number on hand, if applicable:
  • Civil Clerk’s Office: (310) 787-3693
  • Family Law Clerk’s Office: (310) 787-3697
  • Criminal Clerk’s Office: (310) 787-3698
  • Traffic Clerk’s Office: (310) 787-3699

You can also call (310) 787-3700 to be connected with the appropriate office. 

Important tips: 
  • The courthouse reopened June 22. 
  • For more information and resources regarding domestic violence and restraining orders in California, use this link. If your health and safety is in danger due to a domestic violence issue, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or text ‘LOVEIS’ to 1-866-331-9474.
  • You will pass through a metal detector upon entry. 
  • Some items are not allowed in the courthouse. Security will not hold your belongings for you while you are in the courthouse. See a complete list of prohibited items here and plan accordingly.
  • Parking is free.
  • There is a Self-Help Center in Rm. 160 where you can receive free information and assistance regarding your family law cases and restraining orders. The center does not have the resources to assist with landlord-tenant matters; for these questions, visit the Self-Help Centers in the Inglewood, Long Beach, or Compton courthouses. The center does not offer legal advice. If you need legal advice or to speak to an attorney, LawChamps can help. 
  • The timeline for reopening the Self-Help Center in the Torrance Courthouse is to be determined due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Call 213-235-0060, 8:30 a.m.–12 p.m., Monday–Friday, and 1–4:30 p.m., Monday–Thursday with urgent issues or more information.

Their address is: 
825 Maple Ave.
Torrance, CA 90503

Their phone number is: 
(310) 787-3700

Their hours are: 
8:15 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

More information:

This article is intended to convey generally useful information only and does not constitute legal advice. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author, not LawChamps.

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