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Frequently Asked Questions

LawChamps’ prices range from $99 to $299 per user/per month depending on which LawChamps offering you choose. You can take advantage of additonal savings by purchasing an annual plan. There is no minimum length of contract and you can cancel anytime. All we ask is that you call us at 866-653-3017 to help us better undertand what is or is not working for you to see if we can fix it. Our goal is your success and to build a service that supports it!

There are no contract minimums, which means you can cancel any time. All we ask is that you help us understand what we can do to help you to succeed and give us a chance to address any issues to satisfy your needs. We listen to feedback and take action on it. Attorney success is our top priority.

LawChamps ensures that your data is secure using industry-standard, bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. Backups are performed daily, and site security and privacy are routinely audited by third parties.
LawChamps allows your data to be portable, and supports backups and exports. Any information put into your LawChamps account can be edited by you and retrieved by you, at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.
To ensure LawChamps remains the leading and most innovative client acquisition and reputation management solution available, our team takes feedback from potential clients and lawyers and continuously releases product enhancements and updates.
With LawChamps, you get unlimited free access to our support team. Our LawChamps Success Specialists provide training materials, product walkthroughs and onboarding sessions. We work with those who are potentially in need of a lawyer to understand their needs and direct them to the appropriate information on our site to submit their legal issue, provide answers to questions, review our Blog articles and more. This includes answering questions such as do I need a lawyer? What kind of lawyer do I need?  and more.

Our LawChamps Success Specialists are also available to provide you with personalized support and answer your questions as needed Mondays to Fridays from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT. Call us at 866-653-3017 or Live Chat with us.
Although we hope you find LawChamps a good fit, you can cancel at any time by calling us at (866) 653-3017. You can also Live Chat with us.
You can reset your password using the login button at the top right of the page or call us toll free at 866-653-3017 for live support or Live Chat with us.
We verify lawyers for good standing with their state Bar Associations. In addition, we research their online ratings and reviews and receive feedback from their current and former clients. If an attorney is found to not live up to our standards, they are removed from our platform.

We are looking for the top, highly engaged attorneys who will be proactive, responsive, professional and build relationships with their clients to achieve successful outcomes. 
It's Easy. Just Login to your account and see and review your matches. Accept those that you want to connect with and decline those who are not a match. It's important to be responsive and reach out to quickly to those who you are interested in representing. If you need help, please call us at 866-653-3017
These are real, active and current leads from people who are looking for attorneys that you have matched with. Please login to your account to review them and accept or decline. Responsiveness is very important as many of those who use LawChamps have immediate needs for a lawyer. If you are having trouble logging into your account, please call us at 866-653-3017 for assistance.

Hire One, Help Another

LawChamps donates a portion of our revenue, investing it back into funding justice reform organizations and subsidizing the legal fees for those who cannot afford them.
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