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Why do you need a website?

  • The #1 way potential clients find you is through online searches
  • A website helps you generate more business, increase brand awareness & deliver a strong marketing message
  • You need to have a strong online presence - be where your potential clients are
  • You will be discoverable in SEO/ Search Engine Results; if clients can’t find you online, they go elsewhere
  • It’s your professional calling card; clients & potential clients expect it
  • It provides social proof, building trust in your abilities with clients
  • It provides resources for your clients, highlighting your experience & expertise
  • Showcase your team and talent, cases handled, & areas of practice
  • Increases client conversion

Why LawChamps’ website builder?

  • Our websites are specifically designed for solo & small firms; our websites are tailored to showcasing everything clients look for when hiring an attorney
  • The process of creating a site is quick & easy; answer a few simple questions to generate a site
  • Our editorial team works with you to customize & optimize your site
  • Websites are designed with SEO/ Search Engine Optimization in mind
  • It’s free to create a site, and you own your content
  • Exclusive hosting & low monthly hosting fees 
  • Mobile, Social Media & Client Friendly

You can check out our website templates here.


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