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Join LawChamps as a Benefit of Your Membership in the Tennessee Bar Association

LawChamps is proud to have partnered with the Tennessee Bar Association to sponsor its 2020 Virtual Convention. Our shared mission is to assist lawyers in professional development, to help them do an even better job for their clients, and to enable them to continue to build a positive image of the profession through service.

As part of your membership in the Tennessee Bar Association, you can join LawChamps at a discounted rate. Sign-up now, select the membership plan that's right for you, and lock-in a 20% discount on your LawChamps membership for 2021.

LawChamps brings you a steady supply of potential clients well-matched to your practice and expertise. We make it easy for you to grow your practice with new clients, manage your reputation and run your firm from anywhere.

Discounts for Tennessee Bar Association Members

Use Code TNBAR2021 as part of your membership in the Tennessee Bar Association for a special, 20% discount. You choose the membership plan that's right for you, we apply the 20% discount for all of 2021, starting the day you sign up. There's no long-term commitment or contract minimum. You may pause or cancel your account at any time.


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Hire One, Help Another

LawChamps donates a portion of our revenue, investing it back into funding justice reform organizations and subsidizing the legal fees for those who cannot afford them.
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