LawChamps Lawyer Testimonials

Beilal Chatila - California Lawyer


"Before, I Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Lawyer Referral Services, But [LawChamps] Is More Affordable."

Beilal Chatila- Lawyer, California



Mia Perez Arroyo - California Lawyer


"It Gives Me The Opportunity To Help Clients Who Otherwise Wouldn't Have The Opportunity To [find] An Attorney."

Mia Perez Arroyo - Lawyer, California


Mazyar M. Hedayat - Illinois Attorney


"I've been a LawChamps supporter since it came out. Not only is LawChamps innovative and user-friendly, it leverages mobile technology. The question isn't why lawyers should use this tool. It's why they shouldn't. Every lawyer should be a member of LawChamps to build their practice."

Mazyar Hedayat - Lawyer, Illinois

Chelsi Hall - Texas Lawyer


"User Friendly For Both Me And My Clients... They Have Helped Me Find Clients On A Consistent Basis."

Chelsi Hall - Lawyer, Texas


Neil Opdahl-Lopez - California Lawyer

"As a Latino attorney and service member (Major, USMCR), I appreciate LawChamps as a platform for diverse lawyers to grow their practices while also serving their communities. LawChamps has brought me some of my most beloved, loyal, interesting, and widespread cases and clients."

Neil Opdahl-Lopez - Lawyer, California


Brandon Loggins - Illinois Lawyer

"I really appreciate LawCamps and their mission to help attorneys succeed."

Brandon Loggins - Lawyer, Illinois



Steven Simenowitz - Maryland Lawyer

"I joined LawChamps recently after being a sole practitioner for nearly 40 years hoping to fill some down-spots in my schedule. incredibly, my first potential lead from LawChamps was an absolute home run, yielding a promising long-term professional relationship with a retainer which more than justified my initial investment. As a result, I even prepaid my first year and I look forward to growing my practice further with the help of LawChamps."

Steve Simenowitz - Lawyer, Maryland

Anthony Murphy - Florida Lawyer


"It Allows Me To Expand My Practice And Allows Me To Instantly Connect With My Clients. It's A Great System."

Anthony Murphy - Lawyer, Florida