LawChamps Lawyer Testimonials

Beilal Chatila - California Lawyer


"Before, I Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Lawyer Referral Services, But [LawChamps] Is More Affordable."

Beilal Chatila- Lawyer, California



Mia Perez Arroyo - California Lawyer


"It Gives Me The Opportunity To Help Clients Who Otherwise Wouldn't Have The Opportunity To [find] An Attorney."

Mia Perez Arroyo - Lawyer, California


Mazyar M. Hedayat - Illinois Attorney


"I've been a LawChamps supporter since it came out. Not only is LawChamps innovative and user-friendly, it leverages mobile technology. The question isn't why lawyers should use this tool. It's why they shouldn't. Every lawyer should be a member of LawChamps to build their practice."

Mazyar Hedayat - Lawyer, Illinois

Chelsi Hall - Texas Lawyer


"User Friendly For Both Me And My Clients... They Have Helped Me Find Clients On A Consistent Basis."

Chelsi Hall - Lawyer, Texas

Neil Opdahl-Lopez - California Lawyer

"As a Latino attorney and service member (Major, USMCR), I appreciate LawChamps as a platform for diverse lawyers to grow their practices while also serving their communities."

Neil Opdahl-Lopez - Lawyer, California


Brandon Loggins - Illinois Lawyer


"I really appreciate LawCamps and their mission to help attorneys succeed."

Brandon Loggins - Lawyer, Illinois


Anthony Murphy - Florida Lawyer


"It Allows Me To Expand My Practice And Allows Me To Instantly Connect With My Clients. It's A Great System."

Anthony Murphy - Lawyer, Florida



Hire One, Help Another

LawChamps donates a portion of our revenue, investing it back into funding justice reform organizations and subsidizing the legal fees for those who cannot afford them.
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