Two women, who prefered to remain anonymous, told us about why they turned to LawChamps:

"We listen to Heather B. on Sirius. She had Mike Muse on. He talked about LawChamps and recommended them. Mike sounded as if I could trust him. And Heather B. trusted him. We have some legal business and we hadn’t met a lawyer we could fully trust. So I went on the LawChamps website. I’m elderly, so I had trouble. I decided to call the 1800 number. Joel answered the phone.

However, as seniors, that’s daunting. So we called and Joel walked us through and was patient because my tablet didn’t always work. We needed help with our neighbor. He had pulled up the marker dividing our properties. We wanted a lawyer look into it. We talked to the neighbor but we’re seniors. We felt legal protections.

We got referrals through LawChamps and we picked one. We love the way he operates. He settled our neighbor dispute and now we’re using the lawyer for some other stuff. That’s what Mike and Joel did…help us build trusting relationships. I’ve made a connection with real people through LawChamps."

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